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Brenzone sul Garda

Wrapped between the Lake and the slopes of Mount Baldo, through the branches of secular olive gardens and cypress tress, oleanders and almonds, lay many small villages. Brenzone, is a community scattered over 52 Km/sq along the Northeast coast bordered on the north by Malcesine and on the south by Torri del Benaco. Easily accessible along the coast are it’s villages of Assenza, Castelletto, Magugnano and Porto. All of which offer antique riches through their Art and Churches. If you are a lover of water sports, we advise Castelletto as your base as it is a preferred spot for Sailing, Windsurf and Kitesurf.

You can also enjoy some spectacular views while climbing the narrow but navigable mountain roads in your car or abandon it at the carpark and enjoy discovering some beautiful nooks and crannies which are best accessed on foot as you stroll up the mountain paths known as the Nordic Walking Park.

One we advise is the winding route that leaves Castelletto and takes you to Campo, via Marniga. The views that accompany you dotted along the route, will leave you speechless. Lovers of Mountain Bike can climb up Mount Baldo right up to high altitude.

The climate of Brenzone is mild all year around. In the warmer months you can choose one of the very many beaches along the coast and delight in a swim in the limpid waters and not get scorched thanks to the ever-present light breeze. Submerge to the depths of Lake Garda? Dive just off the coast of the little island “Trimelone”, a Second World War explosives storage site that was the target of RAF & USAF strikes. The island is now populated by wild birds.


Ami fare windsurf? Nella frazione di Castelletto di Brenzone il vento spira sempre nella direzione giusta. Sulla spiaggia di ghiaia puoi goderti la tintarella. Dal porticciolo turistico puoi far rotta verso gli altri paesini del Garda. Castelletto è un grazioso borgo stretto fra lago e montagna: antiche case, stradine ciottolate e corti medievali gli donano un'aria a dir poco suggestiva.

Castelletto è ideale se vuoi scoprire gli itinerari per il Monte Baldo: nei suoi dintorni sono tante le passeggiate, alla portata di tutti. L'argento degli ulivi. Il verde della natura incontaminata. L'azzurro del lago e del cielo. Panorami da togliere il fiato. Come puoi evitare di innamorartene?