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Mount Baldo

Mount Baldo is a ridge which forms part of the Alps and stretches parallel to the lake for a distance 40 kilometres (25 miles), between the lake to the west and Val d'Adige to the east, and on the south it is bounded by plains of Caprino and North Valley Loppio. Mount Baldo reaches its maximum elevation of 2,218 m with the Cima Valdritta, and its minimum elevation of 65 m on Lake Garda.

It’s luxuriant nature gives it the name “garden of Europe”. In the summertime, the mountain displays huge meadow fields ideal for family excursions along its many walkways including that known as The Peace Trail (Sentiero della Pace), one of the most important long distance trails in Northern Italy which leads over the range. On the upper meadows a variety of lama called Alpaca is bred. The natural animal life that may be seen includes Imperial Eagles, Stoats, Squirrels, Ground Hogs, Foxes and Wolves and maybe even, if you’re very lucky a bear in the distance.

The easiest way is of course the cable car from Malcesine but if you are up to the challenge many take their mountain bikes right from the lake all the way to the top.